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Westide Gunn & Conway The Machine

Hall & Nash 2: The Original Version (LP - Alternate Cover - Black Vinyl)

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Limited To 500 Units Pressed on Black Vinyl

Includes Hand Numbered Obi Strip & Original Artwork by Ral Duke

The collaborative album by Westside Gunn & Conway The Machine, entirely produced by The Alchemist.

"When I first linked with Westside Gunn & Conway, the original plan was to do a Hall & Nash 2 tape. From the first day in the lab, I knew I needed these guys on my beats more than they needed my beats. The shit was coming out crazy, they linked with School Boy Q one day at my spot and made one, we knew we had something good. While we were finishing the project, they signed their deal with Shady. We ended up changing the plan to drop H&N2 , & over time used some of the songs for different things, but a handful of songs never came out, & the original version of the album was never released. Now for the first time, the OG version of Hall & Nash 2 will be released on vinyl, cd and tape." 

Includes bonus song "Halal" exclusive to this edition of the album. 

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Side A
1 Introduction 
2 Ray Mysterio
3 Fork In The Pot feat. Schoolboy Q
4 Michelangelo 
5 94 Ghost Shit 
Side B
6 Pete VS Andre
7 Fuck & Get High
8 Judas
9 Hall & Nash 2
10 *Halal


*Bonus Track